Kutná Hora: The UNESCO mining town in Czech Republic | Subhash Motwani

Our Editor who was in Czech Republic gives his first hand experience of what you should expect from this place in case you plan travelling this summer.

COMPACT TRAVELS provides a very attractive 9 nights/10 days package to explore two Central European countries i.e. Austria + Czech Republic.Czech Republic is one of the hottest destinations to visit Prague, the historic city and the heart of Europe, you can visit two other exciting towns, the UNESCO World Heritage Town of Ceský Krumlov and the Spa town Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) which is famous for its film festivals as well.

I share my first hand experience having stayed 9 days in the Czech Republic having qualified as a Czech specialist. Here is synopsis of wonderful holiday you can enjoy by visiting the Czech Republic. You need a minimum of 3 days to explore Prague which is comprising of the Old Town, New Town, Malá Strana (Lesser Town) and Hradcany. The Prague Castle, the biggest Castle in Europe overlooks the picturesque city of Prague which is along the Vlatava River. In the Lesser Town it would be a good idea to take one of the walking tours around this region to see the famous Church of the Infant Jesus. The Jewish Quarter is a part of the Old Town, maybe possible to visit the oldest preserved synagogue in the Central Europe or very impressive jewish cemetery. In fact, Prague has so much to offer that the city’s historical centre was added in 1992 to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage.

Cesky Krumlov Castle

Ceský Krumlov on the other hand is also 3 hours away from Prague. This historic town is surrounded by the Vlatava River with the famous Cesky Krumlov castle and chateau combine which forms one of the most priceless historical monuments in the Czech Republic. The amazing city of Cesky Krumlov is one of the few cities which has the Gothic, Renaissance as well as Baroque architectures, all you can see in one town and is one of the reasons that I consider this city as one of the most picturesque cities in the world for the amazing architecture.

On your way back from Cesky Krumlov you can visit the UNESCO village of Holašovice which is famous for its well preserved 18th and 19th century houses or farmsteads built in the Southern Bohemian Rural Baroque style. You can also halt at the fortress town of Pisek which has the oldest bridge in Czech Republic or take a detour to Ceske Budejovice, the original Budweiser Beer Town.Czech Republic on the whole is not only an architectural wonder with over 200 castles and 150 lookout towers but also has the unique record of being the country with the maximum beer consumption in the world and over 50 breweries around the country. Actually, the famous Pilsner beer originates from Pilsen Town which is en route to Munich or Salzburg and is one hour away from Prague.


You can also find traces of Mozart in Prague as Mozart wrote his famous composition Don Giovanni and performed the world premiere there in Prague.Prague though well known for the old historic Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square for its night life and entertainment, the astronomical clock in Old town square or the famous Bohemian crystal glass, it is equally well known for the famous black light theatre shows which is a combination of music, dance, pantomime, projection and visual effects all combined to produce a unique extravaganza. For those interested in soft adventure, cycling or traditional caneoing is one of the ways to explore Czech Republic and you have 40000 kilometres of marked walking paths to choose from to explore the country.

Historic Charles Bridge

Those who want admire natural wonders, it could be a good idea to walk around a labyrinth of sandstone creations in Czech Paradise or visit one of stalactite caves with beautiful natural decoration in a complex of underground domes, corridors and chasms.

For those who love mystery, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a ghost trail in Prague or visit Kutná Hora to see the famous Ossuary which is located in the basement of a chapel in Sedlec. You find here decoratives entirely of human bones and skulls including a chandelier made of every bone in the human body. So whether it’s a spa holiday, a mystery tour, an architectural wonder, a walking tour or even a historical delight, Czech Republic has all of this and even more to offer and fortunately in Mumbai, you have a Czech specialist to guide you all the way to exploring one of the hottest destinations to visit this summer.

Bone Church

now a Central European Destination Specialist too!

Subhash Motwani has completed a five-day, extensive in-country training program at the American Society of Travel Agents’ (ASTA) International Destination Expo (IDE) in Prague, Czech Republic, and is now a Central European destination specialist in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Germany. “IDE gave me an opportunity to explore the many hidden treasures of Central Europe, and to make business contacts that will ultimately increase my expertise,” said Subhash Motwani of Compact Travels in Mumbai.

“Prague is an astonishing city that has a rich history and breathtaking scenery; each tour destination made me want to see more! I’m very eager to share my memorable experience with my clients,” Subhash continued.

The IDE is not only an event for travel agents but also suppliers and retail sellers. More than 1200 delegates attended IDE Prague, most of whom reported having made substantial business contacts in Central Europe. “You can’t say that you’re a destination specialist unless you’ve really immersed yourself in a particular destination,” said Kathryn W. Sudeikis, CTC, ASTA’s president and CEO. “One important way to do that is to network with local professionals to gain an in-depth understanding of the culture and environment of a region. ASTA’s IDE attendees took advantage of a unique opportunity to not only gain valuable class experience but meet face-to-face with travel professionals from all over Central Europe, who shared a wealth of information, otherwise unattainable.”


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