Is Brazil the right holiday destination for you?

Brazil is a very big country, the fifth largest in the world, the biggest in the southern hemisphere. Just look at the map to check it out. Brazilians who enjoy full ethnic and religious freedom and the right to express themselves without hindrance, are bound together by a single language, Portugese. With numerous, rich regional dialects, spoken Brazilian Portuguese has incorporated thousands of words and expressions from its indigenous (Tupi-Guarani) and African (Yoruba) roots.

It is permanent and non-stop, neither commencing nor coming to an end: the feast of Nature.

“How is such beauty possible?” It seems obvious when you come face to face with the lguazu Falls in Parana State where the thundering cataracts plunge down over 60 metres. It is patent at the feet of Christ the Redeemer looking out over Guanabara Bay. It looks crystal clear in the dunes of Natal (Rio Grande do Norte State) and in Tocantins where scrubland, savannah and desert all come together to form the Jalapao ecosystem.

In rivers that resemble the sea in the Amazon Forest – the world’s largest. In the 230-thousand-square-kilometre expanse of the Mato Grosso Pantanal wetlands, an outstanding nature reserve listed as World Heritage.

The climate is predominantly tropical, varying according to region. The annual average temperature is 28 degree centigrade in the North and 20 degree centigrade in the South.


Brazilian cuisine is something special. With such a profusion of fruit, greens, vegetables,meat, colours, flavours, sauces, spices and seasonings at hand, Brazilian dishes could only be what they are: unbeatable. The most popular dish of all, feijoada, is quite a contradiction: created by the Negro slaves using scraps and leftovers from the

Portuguese masters’ meals, it must be served piping hot…. In a tropical climate. Don’t forget, of course, to wash it down with Brazil’s national beverage, cachaca or caipirinha (sugar and lemon added to the cachaca and sometimes other tropical fruits).

13 Reasons to Visit Brazil

# Tropical weather all year round.

# The Best carnival in the World.

# Beautiful white sandy beaches.

# The Rain Forest.

# The Mighty Iguazu Falls.

# Cruises on the Brazilian Coast.

# The unequalled Panatanal.

# Canyons and waterfalls.

# Endurance trips on 4×4’s.

# Sailing off Paraty.

# World Heritage and Historical Sites.

# Gastronomic Tours.

# The Amazon Jungle.

Places of Interest
Rio de Janeiro

Rio is the marvelous city, what other place in this planet will you find beaches, an intense cultural life, haute cuisine, miles of window shopping and an exotic people, all gathered at one single place at any time of the year. Brazil’s capital from 1763 to 1961, is nestled between the mountains and the sea. Its magnificient shoreline includes charming bays and beautiful beaches, dotted with islands up and down the coast. Precious and semi precious stones are also a specialty in Rio, where some of the world’s largest and most renowned jewelers are located.


Salvador, the Bahia state capital is a place where, once you go there, you do not want to leave. It is a city that smells history it was the country’s first capital, dancing hips, African religious traditions and folklore and centennial dwellings. It has unending hills and charismatic characters, drums sounds, blessing of the salty waters of the Todos os Santos bay. Lots of white clothes and dark skin, centennial churches covered with gold in their baroque inside, which is covered with angels, saints and altars. And to top it all beaches with crystal clear waters, the food and the people.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is known as the gastronomic Capital of the World, as within its huge area you will be able to find every single type of food imagined, from all corners of the world. It is also a city that brings the most business and corporate events, also allowing for weekend golf getaways for those business people who enjoy the sport.

It als a great city for shopping, where you can find just about anything you set your heart in, and it also offers an intense artistic and cultural life. Take advantage of the nightlife and check out the bars, the quiet and the busy ones, discos and nightclubs, theatres, cinemas, performances, shows and everything else that you can imagine.

Iguasu Falls

A tropical and exuberant destination. That is to simplify this place, known worldwide for its awesome show of waterfalls. It is the largest worldwide set of waterfalls in volume and perhaps the most beautiful one as well, comprising 270 waterfalls with up to 70 meters in height. They can be seen from a wide range of places, both in the Brazilian and Argentine sides of this triple border town Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay as it is also known.

You can visit the falls on foot, by boat getting wet is a guarantee ! and flying over on a helicopter. However you choose to do it, you will be amazed by the incomparable beauty and majesty of the waters.


Capital of Amazonas, the largest state in Brazil, is a modern city. It is also the ideal point of departure for visiting the rest of Amazon region. Tour boats leave Manaus to see the meeting of the waters, where the black waters of the Negro river meet the light waters of the Solimoes river, flowing side by side without mixing for several miles.

Visitors can also explore river banks and ‘igarapes’, swim and canoe in placid lakes or simply walk in the lush forest. The most adventurous may even choose to spend a night or two in the jungle in close contact with nature.

Flight Times (Hours)
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
Sao Paulo
Rio de Janeiro
Sao Paulo
Foz do Iguacu

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