Is Greece the right holiday destination for you?

The trip to Greece, land of Homer, the gods, democracy, modern thought, and a cast of characters too numerous to list and many with names too difficult to pronounce. Greece is famous for its vivid lifestyle. It is also famous worldwide as the cradle of human civilization. All visitors may have an excellent stay and experience a lot of pleasant activities. Apart from getting to know the culture, the idyllic countryside, the Greek gastronomy, visitors should meet the tingling Greek lifestyle. To start with, a lot of theatres, music cafes, trendy shops, music stages, cinemas, bars, night clubs, dancing clubs, funky restaurants, classy meeting points, casinos and after hours are easy to access everywhere in Greece, all year round. Usually, all night clubs opening hours are from 10.00p.m. until dawn. Nevertheless, it is easy to find places for entertainment during the day light as well. People of all ages may find a suitable place to have fun and to get to know the famous Greek life style. Almost everywhere, visitors choose to go they will have the opportunity to discover their place of interest and feel warmly welcomed.


Greece is a country where shoppers may have a wonderful time. A lot of shopping centers as well as nice classy or small family shops offer the opportunity to buy everything in reasonable prices. Shops are generally open 09.00-14.30 Monday to Wednesday, 0900-1330 and 1730-2030 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 0900-1500 Saturday. Sometimes small supermarkets – drugstores may stay open up to 2200 hrs.


Greek food has been mostly influenced by the modern part of greek history; you’ll therefore find hints of Levant in it.To sit at a greek table is more than what cheap, oil-soaked souvlakia may offer. Greek cuisine is a secret daughter of the mighty Othoman Empire, with hints of Venetian and a lot of great originality…

If you have any doubt about it, see how food is named: pacha (veal’s intestines) is same as in Turkish and Albanian; kokoretsi is the same as the Turkish kokorec and the Albanian kokoreç. And what to say about “pastitsio”? Isn’t it derived from Italian “pasticcio”? Its unique tastes are some of the things which set Greece apart. You are in for pleasant culinary surprises while in this country. Contrary to common belief you will soon discover that Greek cuisine does not solely consist of mousaka, souvlaki and horiatiki salata. Greek cuisine has a great variety of dishes and can be an extremely satisfying culinary adventure for both meat-eaters and vegetarians.

Greece has a culinary tradition of some 4,000 years. Nevertheless, like most national cuisines, the Greek cuisine has both influenced others and embraced ideas from its easterly and westerly neighbors. For the Greeks, sharing a meal with friends, either at home, in a restaurant or a taverma, is a deeply rooted social affair.

Greece Cuisine
Try having a glass of ouzo or wine, accompanied by barbecued octopus or any other Greek dish, while sitting beneath the shade of a tree, in a small tavern by the sea, on one of the Aegean islands. The Greek meal experience, namely the combination of what you eat and where eat it, cannot be repeated, exported or duplicated. It just something you can only find, taste and enjoy in Greece, like the blue of the Aegean Sea. Greeks put in it their vital spirit, and make of food not only something for the body, but something capable to heal your spirit, too: an enjoyable experience!!




July and August are fine if you are prepared. This is the time most people come to Greece because this is when most people have their holidays and what could be better than to be close to the sea during the hottest months of the year?

May-June and September-October the weather is perfect and the college kids are in school so it’s quieter on the more popular islands.

November to March can be cold and rainy but it can also be like Indian Summer. Athens comes alive during these months and there is nothing like a night out in the city. It does snow in Greece. Not more then once a season in Athens or the islands, in fact rare enough for it to be a major event. However it does snow in the mountains so much that you can ski there.

April is usually Easter time which is magical. If you are lucky enough to be on an island during Easter when all the wildflowers are in bloom and the smell of lamb roasting fills the air you will know what I mean. It is also a great time to be in Athens because there is no traffic since most people are out of town.


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