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Is Finland the right holiday destination for you?

Finland is a fascinating country with vast green landscapes, sparkling blue lakes, and a labyrinth of islands that make the most beautiful archipelagos in the world where one can find unique sensation of peace and tranquility.

Each of Finland’s four distinct seasons has its own charm. Summer is pleasantly warm. The highest daytime temperature often rises to +20°C or more, but rarely exceeds +30°C. The nights are warm too. Best time to visit is June – August



During summer experience the endless sun for weeks on end.


During winter there is a spell of winter darkness known as kaamos. The white snow cover provides a startling natural “light” of its own creating a very special atmosphere.


During the dark winter period in Lapland the sky is occasionally embellished by the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, a spellbinding light phenomenon particular to the region above the Arctic Circle.

The currency used is the Euro.

Finland is 2 hours ahead of GMT.


Traditional Finnish cuisine is a combination of European, Fennoscandian and Western Russian elements. KARJALANPIRAKKA is a traditional Finnish pastry, commonly known as Karelian Pie made from a thin Rye crust with a filling of rice.

Finland is known for Littala glass, Puukko knives, handwoven ryijy rugs and Lappish handicrafts.

Traditional Folk music is KALEVALAIC MUSIC and PELIMANNI MUSIC. Popular Finnish music includes Opera, Tango, Rock, Jazz and Military music.

Common Finnish Terms
Finnish Maiden symbolizing finland
Joulupukki Santa Clause
Jean sibelius his symphonic poem Finladia
Makkara and Sinappi Sausage and Mustard
Pulla finnish desert bread
Salmiaki Salty liquorice
Koskenkorva Finnish Vodka
Sahti Traditional beer
Rejlu Meinjnki Fair dealing

# Finland is home to the world’s leading mobile company, Nokia.

# Finland has more than 20,000 Spas.

# According to World Audit Study, Finland is the least corrupt and and most democratic country in the world as of 2006.

# The First day of the week is Monday, and the weekdays are maanantai, tiistai, keskiviikko, torstai, perjantai, lauantai, sunnuntai. Weekday names are not capitalized and may be abbreviated with the two first letters (i.e. ma, ti, ke, to, pe, la, su).


Helsinki is situated on the Gulf of Finland and is dominated by the sea. The capital city an array of cultural attractions and architectural gems like THE OPERA HOUSE, the KIASMA MUSEUM, the SEA FORTRESS OF SUOMENLINNA, the TEMPPELIAUKIO CHURCH, hewn from a hole in the solid rock. Sightseeing opportunities like a tour on a pub tram or a boat cruise through islands lying off are galore.


Rovaniemi offers great opportunities to explore the snow-clad landscapes by snowmobile or in a sledge pulled by a dog team. Santa Claus has his workshop right on the Arctic Circle, where he meets visitors every day of the year. Not far from his village is a unique underground Christmas theme park, the SANTAPARK. The MIDNIGHT SUN can be seen in Rovaniemi at the height of the summer. One of the key attractions is the ARKTIKUM BUILDING housing the Arctic Centre and the REGIONAL MUSEUM of Lapland.


Turku is Finland’s most historic city, home to the nation’s most remarkable medieval monuments. Places to visit are the TURKU CATHEDRAL, Finland’s national shrine, TURKU CASTLE, the unique HANDICRAFTS MUSEUM and ABOA VETUS MUSEUM.


Tampere is a city of waters, parks and ridges with nature always close at hand, a vibrant modern city where high tech and culture flourish side by side. The key attractions include TAMPERE CATHEDRAL, NÄSINNEULA OBSERVATION TOWER with a revolving restaurant, MOOMINVALLEY MUSEUM, and PYYNIKKI RIDGE rising between two large lakes, the METSO CITY LIBRARY and the KALEVA CHURCH.


Porvoo is well known as the city of culture and great atmosphere. Sightseeing includes Archipelago cruising, churches and chapels, Museums, and Manors.


Lappeenranta is in the bay area, with its HISTORICAL FORTRESS, WOLKOFF HOUSE MUSEUM, CHURCHES and linden trees that make for a perfect paradise. It is the commercial centre of Southeastern Finland with several shopping centre and specialized shops.